Statusuri interesante Facebook ! (In Engleza)

  • is wondering how blind people dream.
  • is wondering: if quizzes are quizzical, then tests are…?
  • is wondering why a “fat chance” and a “slim chance” mean the same thing.
  • is wondering why bra is singular and panties plural?
  • is wondering if you can cry under water?
  • is wondering why you are IN a movie, but ON TV?
  • is wondering why rain drops and snow falls?
  • is wondering why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?
  • is wondering why the time of day with the slowest traffic is called rush hour.
  • is wondering how they call a male ladybug.
  • is wondering why a whole damn airplane isn’t made out of the same material as the undestroyable black box?

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